What Kind of Time Should I Be Paid for?

--Waiting Time--

--On-Call Time--

--Rest & Meal Time--

--Sleeping Time--

--Lectures, Meetings, & Training--

--Travel  Away From Home Community--

 Problems arise when employers fail to recognize and count certain hours worked as compensable hours.

 For example, an employee who remains at his/her desk while eating lunch and regularly answers the telephone and refers callers is working. This time must be counted and paid as compensable hours worked because the employee has not been completely relieved from duty.  

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Links to State & Federal Agencies

There are several government agencies that may be able to provide you with assistance.  

Check out the links provided below. 

Denton Workforce Center

Compliance Assistance - Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Texas Workforce Commission 

EEOC Harassment Information

EEOC Website - Types of Discrimination

IRS Info on Employee or Contractor